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We are The Perfect Mixture of Dine, Drink and Dance. So you can enjoy one, two, or all three options when you visit Trio. Yes, we’re an excellent, locally owned and operated restaurant serving delicious, individually chef-prepared meals at very reasonable prices. We also have a full service bar with a wide selection of beer, wine, cocktails, coffee, tea, soda and juices. Check out our Happy Hour and Daily Specials pages to see our incredible deals and values.  

But, one of the things that makes Trio unique is our DJs, dancing and live entertainment. DJs play regularly after dark Fridays and Saturdays. Our DJs also play other nights with an advance group request. At Trio it’s not an afterthought like most other places that bring in a temporary DJ over in the corner with a couple small speakers on poles. Trio has a professionally designed, integrated and installed DJ booth, a real wood dance floor with colorful LED effects lighting and a well balanced, distributed professional sound system. Personable DJ’s take your requests, blending a variety of music from the 70’s through today’s hits. Trio is completely equipped with turntables, a large collection of vinyl records as well as CD players and DJ computers.  

Do you have some dance-able vinyl you want us to play? Bring it in!!

We feature live acoustic entertainment every Tuesday with our Three Head Beer special. Trio’s sound system was designed right from the start to accommodate the option for live entertainers, so the live sound is controlled, zoned and heard properly in the dining, bar, seating and on the outdoor patio areas.


Visit Us for the Perfect Mix of 
Stellar Food and Entertainment

"Trio is amazing! Chris and Amy (the owners) did a fantastic job. The food is to die for! I had a steak that was cooked perfectly. Portion sizes are perfect and the courses are timed out wonderfully. Our waitress, Kayla, was wonderful and I highly recommend her.

The cocktails are good and the selection is good as well. They had live music playing while we ate and it was not too loud or obnoxious. I could still hold a conversation without screaming and the song selection was great for a relaxing dinner. Everyone needs to go and experience Trio!"

Nicole Guy 
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